Enthusiast Designed Products

My name is David. My day job for the last 7 years has been as a self taught graphic artist for a small town screen printer. I have a beautiful wife and daughter and a great love for older BMW's. I started looking around for clothing a while back to support my love for these iconic cars and found how little there is available to people. This provoked me to start making my own designs. There is a general theme to this line of shirts. I wanted to keep it simple but still get the point across. People can look at these shirts and almost immediately see that there is a BMW of some sort printed there. I plan to continue making more an more designs in the future. My first couple of designs were have had some great success! For this sale, I've made some slight alterations to the available logos to make the t-shirt more appealing to a wider variety of people. Head over to the Home page to check out all of the great shirts and to place your order today!